Moo Creative Media

Alice Kelly


Alice, who is originally from Ohio, always felt at home in Nashville. She and her father first visited the music city in 1983 and since then, Alice knew she wanted to work in the music industry. After a decade of making frequent visits to attend music conferences and events, she made the move January 20, 1994. Despite not having a “plan or a job”, she settled in to the music row condo of friend, Berice Blanch, whom she met at a music conference during one of her visits. Since then, Alice hit the ground running and has worked for a CPA firm, Alan Jackson’s management team and eventually, her entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and she began management consulting for other entrepreneurs. In 1996, at the recommendation of Alan Jackson’s business manager, Debbie Doebler, Alice began at Moo TV as the business manager. Thus began a long and fruitful friendship between Scott and Alice which led to him entrusting her with the financial helm of Moo Creative Media in 2009. Alice loves working for a creative company and feels that stretching and expanding a mind normally consumed by numbers has been one of her greatest professional pleasures. When she isn’t crunching numbers, Alice enjoys hiking, biking, yoga, theatre and spending time with friends and family.